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The 1998-99 school year was the first year for full day kindergarten at Madison Central Schools.

In a report to the school board after the first eleven days of school  first grade teachers reported that they have experienced the following with first grade students who were in the full day program last year:

Although the teachers felt it might be too early in the year to make an accurate evaluation of the effects, this is what has been observed in this year's first grade students as compared to past groups at this point in time:

  • Some teachers felt the students' knowledge of letter sounds and reading readiness skills had improved.

  • The students have adjusted to the beginning of the year better. Examples of this include: not having as much difficulty lasting all day, not crying, getting into the daily routine faster, being able to handle adjustments to the schedule with relative ease.

  • One of the most important changes they have seen is that the students are equipped with more social skills, they handle themselves better in social situations, are not fighting with each other as much, and handle group activities, such as centers, more efficiently.

In a report to the school board on December 13, 1999 first grade teachers say they have experienced the following with first grade students who were in the full day program last year:

  • Students are able to start spelling earlier in the school year and are writing full sentences in their journals.

  • Teachers are able to actually assess students' spelling and writing at the end of the first nine weeks and in previous years they have not been able to do that.

  • Students show improved organizational skills.

  • Students show improved emergent reading skills and have improved letter recognition and vowel awareness.

  • Students are able to make it through the day without being tired. They handle social situations better and they are better able to work at learning centers.

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